Version 2008 (Beta 5) Out Now!

(Plus, the final 2.9 release date has been scheduled for the 5th of November)

Changes since version 2.9 beta 4:

  • Add one more instance of a workaround for the Conexant HD Audio input issue.
  • Restore compatibility with Win98 SE and WinME that was broken because MS at some point decided to remove it from their tool chain.
  • Fix regression: WaveRT devices not detected if Compatibility Mode enabled for the host application.
  • Fix WaveRT event mode input.
  • Fix: x64 version in theory could have crashed on ASIOStop().
  • ix another theoretical bug in the x64 audio startup code.
  • Fix issue where the x64 version actually crashed if an input device had exactly four channels.
  • Also allow right mouse button on tray icon to open the GUI.
  • Add pathetic attempt to improve WaveRT in/out synchronization.
  • Fix several issues with in app integration API added earlier. Notably did it not work at all in 64 bit mode before.







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  • Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)

    Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)

    Note: These controls have no effect for WaveRT packet devices. Packet devices do not support polling – and always will use event mode. Therefore, the entire “Options” section may be hidden for packet devices. This is not a bug! There are two basic access methods for a WaveRT device, “pull-mode” (also called “event-mode”) and “push-mode”… more

  • Always Resample 44.1<->48 kHz

    Always Resample 44.1<->48 kHz

    ASIO4ALL can do real time resampling of 44.1 kHz audio to/from 48 kHz. Resampling will automatically take place whenever ASIO4ALL is opened for 44.1 kHz and the WDM driver does not support this sample rate. There may, however, be instances in which case an audio device will support 44.1 kHz only by resampling internally. More… more

  • Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    This option only has an effect if the supported bit depth of the WDM driver is larger than 16, but less than 24. Some devices report e.g. 20 Bits resolution but cannot actually be opened for more than 16 Bits resolution. Should this be the case on your system, this option provides a workaround. Originally,… more

  • Common usage cases optimizations

    Common usage cases optimizations

    Becaue it all depends… more

  • Troubleshooting


    More potential problems and possible solutions: more