Version 2.7 Beta 1

Changes since version 2.6:

  • Actually, there have been a number of minor changes to the audio engine over the last couple months the specifics of which I forgot.
  • ASIO4ALL no longer crashes (BSOD) if there is an ATI Rage Theater or similar device in the system. The WDM audio “drivers” shipped with these devices are simply ignored.
  • SBPCI 128 works now, albeit in 2in/2out mode only.
  • USB devices now generally listed by their names, where possible, instead of the generic USB audio. Helps if you have more than one.
  • Mono inputs are converted to stereo, such as to not confuse hosts that assume channels to always come in pairs. Helps with mono input devices, such as e.g. USB mics.
  • Gave the “Buffer Size” Slider in the control panel a logarithmic scale.
  • Default configuration changed so that e.g. Realtek HD Audio would not have its inputs disabled by default.
  • Experimental: Added a watchdog thread that is supposed to kick in should the host audio engine use all of the CPU due to e.g. denormals.
  • Last minute change: Thanks to Eugene Muzychenko (VAC) for pointing out an issue that could have led to “beyond logic” errors here and there! Helps at least with VAC – but who would’ve thought _that_…







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  • Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)

    Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)

    Note: These controls have no effect for WaveRT packet devices. Packet devices do not support polling – and always will use event mode. Therefore, the entire “Options” section may be hidden for packet devices. This is not a bug! There are two basic access methods for a WaveRT device, “pull-mode” (also called “event-mode”) and “push-mode”… more

  • Always Resample 44.1<->48 kHz

    Always Resample 44.1<->48 kHz

    ASIO4ALL can do real time resampling of 44.1 kHz audio to/from 48 kHz. Resampling will automatically take place whenever ASIO4ALL is opened for 44.1 kHz and the WDM driver does not support this sample rate. There may, however, be instances in which case an audio device will support 44.1 kHz only by resampling internally. More… more

  • Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    This option only has an effect if the supported bit depth of the WDM driver is larger than 16, but less than 24. Some devices report e.g. 20 Bits resolution but cannot actually be opened for more than 16 Bits resolution. Should this be the case on your system, this option provides a workaround. Originally,… more

  • Common usage cases optimizations

    Common usage cases optimizations

    Becaue it all depends… more

  • Troubleshooting


    More potential problems and possible solutions: more