• Debug Build With Trace Output

    Completely replaces the “a4ainfo.exe” debug utility and its usage procedure. -more-

  • Troubleshooting SST issues

    “SST” stands for “Intel(R) Smart Sound Technology” and is integrated into many current on-board audio solutions. Unfortunately, it does not operate as seamlessly as Intel claim. -more-

  • Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    Force WDM driver to 16 Bit

    This option only has an effect if the supported bit depth of the WDM driver is larger than 16, but less than 24. Some devices report e.g. 20 Bits resolution but cannot actually be opened for more than 16 Bits resolution. Should this be the case on your system, this option provides a workaround. Originally,… more

  • Common usage cases optimizations

    Common usage cases optimizations

    Becaue it all depends… more

  • Troubleshooting


    More potential problems and possible solutions: more