🇺🇦 ASIO4ALL 2.15 – Ukrainian

The only surprise being that it took that long…






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  1. I had an earlier version of ASIO4ALL installed and upgraded to the latest version. Shortly thereafter my computer wouldn’t boot correctly and now I’m wondering what has happened. Cubase wouldn’t fully load after I stopped and restarted it. It got stuck on the start-up screen. So I tried to reboot and now I can’t get past the American Megatrends logo. It still sees my hard drives, but now I’m toast. Any idea how to recover from this?

  2. Dear author, please, release version 2.16 as soon as possible. It works perfectly with Windows 11 and Cubase 13 Pro.
    (version 2.15 did not open the control panels in Cubase…)

  3. Дякую! Давно пора!

  4. Аллах Avatar

    Это харам!

  5. Richard Shore Avatar
    Richard Shore

    Clarification: Lenovo ideopad 3 with Windows 11 OS

  6. Richard Shore Avatar
    Richard Shore

    It appears a that Realtec and ASIO4ALL on a Lenovo ideopad 3 are not compatable when using a Kontakt Player. I have been fusing around with this for over a week and find no solution. Anyone have a solution?

    It would be much apprecisted.

  7. Thomas Trommler Avatar
    Thomas Trommler

    Ohne Asio4All wäre mein Traktor S3 Unbrauchbar.


    Thomas Trommler (Orakel Rec.)

  8. Nikolay Gubaidullin Avatar
    Nikolay Gubaidullin


  9. Дякую! Thank you!

  10. Ненавижу это!

    1. Александр Лукашенко Avatar
      Александр Лукашенко

      Полностью с вами согласен!

      1. Владимир Зеленский Avatar
        Владимир Зеленский

        Денег дайте!

        1. Why should Luka be doing that?
          Did Putin please him in a service that wasn’t paid for?

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  • Advanced configuration

    Advanced configuration

    Once the control panel has been switched to advanced mode, things begin to look a little more complicated. The device list is now expandable and you can enable more than one item at a time. The device list contains Devices, Device Interfaces and so called “Pins”. Devices are independent hardware units most of the time.… more

  • Device aggregation

    Device aggregation

    Using the button next to each entry, you can now selectively enable/disable each particular item in the device list. This way, you can also create multi-device-setups (“aggregate devices”). Multi-device-setups require that all the devices involved are running from the same clock source. You can achieve this by daisy-chaining devices via S/PDIF etc. On-board devices usually… more

  • Latency Compensation

    Latency Compensation

    Since ASIO4ALL does not have sufficient knowledge of the underlying hardware/driver architecture, it can only guess the actual latencies involved. With these sliders you can compensate for the latencies unknown to ASIO4ALL such that recordings in your sequencer Software are properly aligned with the rest. Note: In multi-device-setups the largest respective value of all devices… more

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    Hardware Buffer on/off

    Note: For WaveRT drivers, this box is labeled “Allow Pull Mode (WaveRT)” instead! Enables the hardware buffer for the highlighted device. This only works for so called “WavePCI” miniports, as other types of WDM drivers do not usually allow direct access to the hardware buffer. Adjustment for best hardware buffer performance involves the “ASIO Buffer… more

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    Kernel Buffers/Buffer Offset

    If hardware buffering is disabled, this control lets you add up to two more buffers to be queued for audio output. Each additional buffer increases the output latency of the device by the time it takes to play one buffer. Therefore, the initial setting of “2” should only be changed on less powerful machines, where… more