• Download the .exe
  • Open a command prompt and run “a4ainfo.exe” (ideally from where you downloaded it or some other directory location actually containing the .exe)
  • A plain text file “a4ainfo.dbg” will be generated – send this to feedback@asio4all.com – along with a detailed error description!

The A4A Info device enumeration utility has been updated somewhat. Usage is as always:

Download “a4ainfo.exe”


This is not a new version of the ASIO4ALL driver! This does not install anything. The only thing it does ist create a plain text file containing information about your audio devices. There also is very little utility in sending me just the file without some sort of a useful error description!

E.g. What exactly does not work, what do you see in the



, ,




One response to “a4ainfo.exe”

  1. Please note that the a4ainfo.exe utility is no longer supported.
    This post is only kept for archiving purposes.

    Link to current debug build: /debug-build-with-trace-output/

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